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    Best Drugstore Primers In The World

    It’s a fine Saturday evening. You’re all decked up and ready to go out and have a blast. After a long time, you feel like your makeup is on point. You’ve taken the pains to go the extra mile and use a lip liner to get those perfect lips. You’ve also spent a good amount […]

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    9 Types Of Jeans – The Style Guide

    Jeans – According to the dictionary. dʒiːnz/ Noun – hard-wearing casual trousers made of denim or other cotton fabric. Jeans – According to me. A piece of clothing that defines my entire wardrobe and my life. Well, it’s true for most of you out there too. We practically live in one pair of jeans, plus […]

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    30 Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs – 2017

    How do you take this already gorgeous six yard beauty to a whole new level? Answer: By sporting the perfect blouse! Yes, it is arguably the best thing about a saree. Period. It is the deal breaker, and ask any woman – she will hi-fi you on that. Also, blouse and neck designs are at […]

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    How To Wear A Bandana

    Did you know that the bandanas can be traced back to the 18th century? Yes! People back then were much cooler and badass than we thought they were. Anyway, just like a lot of the retro styles, bandanas are back too! It’s like a rescue ranger for your bad hair days. Not just that, they […]

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    What To Do With Old Sarees

    What can you do with an old saree? A LOT! First off, it is environmentally friendly and secondly pocket-friendly too. And, you can transform these old sarees not just into ethnic wear, but also design some beautiful and chic looking fusion wear. Yes, fusion, contemporary or bohemian—whatever you call it, is so ‘in’ right now. […]

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    How Does High Lift Hair Color Work?

    Let me guess. You grew up playing with Barbies and watching beautiful women like Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson in movies. Ever since then you’ve harbored this dream of going blonde yourself some day. And now the day has come. You’re all grown up and you don’t need to take your mum’s permission when making […]

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    How To Wear A Maxi Skirt

    Like maxi dresses were not enough, maxi skirts started seeing a major comeback a few years ago. In a way, I was glad they were back in fashion because they are incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. However, the one thing that continued to bother me was that it might look funny on me as I […]

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    What Is Moon Salutation And How To Do It?

    What does the moon remind you of? Love, tranquility, and stillness? Whatever it is, it feels nice to stand on the balcony and gaze at the moon. But, did you know there is something called the Moon Salutation that works wonders when practiced in the presence of the moon? Moon Salutation is soothing and quieting […]

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